Research & Development

At the core of the company’s sustained innovation and evolution is technical expertise guided by a singular, all-encompassing vision.  

We challenge our talent to create industry-leading products that are efficient, functional and stylish. Our R&D Group has been tasked to always be inquisitive, dedicated and focused in their pursuit of continued improvement.

We begin by looking at the many influences that impact the working lives of our customers. We listen intently to their needs and carefully audit all emerging trends to ensure development can be both prescient and meaningful.

This approach is driven with a collaborative methodology, with talent that encompasses conceptual modeling, industrial design and engineering. From initial concept through to final product our team ensures the rigourous testing phases deliver robust, market-ready solutions.

Our holistic approach towards an end result also means a strong focus on the bigger picture. To this end the department places high value in the development partnerships we have forged over the years. Our relationships with leading component and technology suppliers provide a huge level of confidence in each and every component of any given product.

The smallest details can make the difference, and our work is exacting. We believe the demands of international standards must not just be adhered to, but surpassed. With certification comes consumer trust – and our work ensures this trust will continue to be rewarded in the future.