Turbofan Catalogue

In 2013 we witnessed the evolution of a brand new range of Turbofan convection ovens - the new E33 range of convection bore light to a new standard in research and development providing Turbofan convection technology the edge they needed to get ahead in a constantly evolving industry.

The new 2018 Turbofan Catalogue takes us through an entire journey of Turbofan's complete showcase of products. Take some time to browse online or download and save it for later using the options below. If you would like to find out more about the new products within the Turbofan range here's what's new!

What's New?

Pages 12 to 19 - find out more about the reduced oven footprints and the increased loading capacity of the Turbofan 20 Series.
Pages 20 to 33 - find out more about the precision digital and one touch screen control panel on the E30 Series.
Page 48 to 53 - Find out how you can take your kitchen to a new level with the Turbofan 40 Series combi. It packs a whole lot of raw power into a compact 812mm wide footprint.

Turbofan - The Next Generation Arrives


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