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Turbofan Convection Ovens

The next generation arrives

Turbofan performance and durability in its DNA

Offering an expanded platform of products, with a wider range of oven footprints and increased tray loading capacity to suit virtually any application.



This range of convection ovens can roast, grill, bake and is ideal for use in compact applications that require an oven / cooktop that is versatile.

Turbofan E931M

NEW Turbofan Holding Cabinets

Keep food fresh and hot.

Turbofan Holding Cabinets
The best performing ideas in the Turbofan range have been re-designed, re-developed and re-born as a durable series of convection ovens designed for ease of use, increased application and future-proof durability. Each product in the series carries Turbofan performance and durability in its DNA. The superior looks are also fully supported by an array of incredible features, and the range is further complemented by P Series prover / holding cabinets and oven support stands.

Convection Ovens

Turbofan convection oven systems offer portability to suit any application, an expandable platform with a wider range of oven footprints, increased tray loading capacity and smart door design for safety. Coupled with the 30 Series’ matching prover and holding cabinet, Turbofan offers more features within its DNA.
The research and development stage of the series was crucial to the ongoing success of Turbofan. We have listened intently to our customers over the years in order to understand their various operating environments and changing needs. We have observed various customer groups such as cafes, convenience stores, chain bakeries and service stations in real life situations, our aim being to make cooking and baking inherently easier for them. The resulting new ideas have been applied to our already outstanding range of ovens and re-born as an expanded series of Turbofan convection ovens.
Turbofan convection ovens are of durable construction and ingenious design. Be it chocolate cake or prime rib, you can rely on quality componentry and features to deliver results that are effortless, flawless and, most importantly, consistent.


We've raised the benchmark in performance once again. Turbofan convection oven time after time and its testament to the high volume airflow performance, which is produced by bi-directional fan systems, larger fans and higher power fan motors. This approach enhances the evenness of cooking within the chamber and across the tray, baking evenly all day, every day.
The new range also provides a broader range of increased tray spacing and loading capacities, especially the 20 Series. This is ideally suited to situations where the bakery is responsible for convenience products. All Turbofan ovens are available in both American and Euronorm pan sizes and the Turbofan 32 Series of commercial ovens offer companion proofer/ holding cabinets in eight, ten or twelve tray capacity.

In addition to scratch baking these commercial ovens are ideal for bake-off use, such as frozen dough, pre-proofed frozen dough and par bake products.

Roasting and Cooking

Turbofan convection ovens are perfect for food service applications such as roasting beef, chicken, lamb and pork, and cooking a range of meals including meat loaf, pies, potato bakes, braised steak and casseroles.
The fan system of the convection oven range has been upgraded, with greater power delivering increased air volume and distribution of heat within the oven cavity.
Even more appealing to chefs and bakers is the user-friendliness of the equipment. They’re lined with porcelain enamel, an impervious interior oven surface that’s extremely easy to clean.


Turbofan Series convection ovens are also well suited to the regeneration of bulk and single portion dishes. The specialty and utility ovens can work for everything from independent caterers to large institutions but especially suit the regeneration of vegetables, proteins and starch food products.

The definitive Turbofan convection oven

We've raised the benchmark in performance once again. The new Turbofan convection oven bakes evenly on every single occasion. Our new high volume airflow performance is produced by bi-directional fan systems, larger fans and higher power fan motors. This approach enhances the evenness of cooking within the chamber and across the tray, baking evenly all day, everyday.

Vitreous enamel oven interiors

The Turbofan oven chamber has an impervious sealed vitreous enamel coating applied to both sides of the oven liner. This is extremely durable and enables the cleaning to be quick and easy compared to stainless steel liners. The combination of the formulation of the coating and the firing process creates this superior finish, which is made to last.

Precision digital controls

The new 30 Series ovens now feature digital display, knob driven time and temperature controls providing full electronic precision for accuracy. The control knobs are central return, with also feature the industry-leading 20mm displays for both time and temperature making them easy to read.

It all stacks up

When things get busy sometimes an increase in capacity can be hampered by lack of options. The Turbofan range recognizes capacity increases are often required within the same footprint. That's why our units are stackable, meaning greatest freedom from this extra flexibility that ensures even the smallest space can deliver the best results.

The One Touch

The touch screen features manual and pre-programmed operating modes, individual shelf control, multi-stage cooking and an optional core temperature probe. A touch screen model means making the most of intuitive functionality and pre-programming usability. The icon-driven menu makes for uncomplicated training of staff, consistent quality a touch of the screen away.

Holding Cabinets  

Keep all types of food fresh and hot. Turbofan's Holding Cabinets are essential for all food service operations, allowing you to serve more covers with less food wastage. Choose from 8 different models of Holding Cabinet based on the capacity of your commercial kitchen.

NEW Ventless Hoods

Enjoy free-range cooking space and establish a cooking zone in unconventional areas with Turbofan Halton Ventless Hoods. The self-contained hood range does not require ducted ventilation, waste drain or extraction vent, providing the much-needed flexibility for the modern-day commercial kitchen. It is an ideal solution for a temporary or outdoor kitchen, where new duct installation is not possible.